Disney’s Abortions on Ice — presented by Planned Parenthood


Get your tickets now for the latest from Disney and abortion giant Planned Parenthood!

Jasmine may have more than she needs but she really wants a new magic carpet and a new iPhone. A baby would be a major inconvenience and keep her from those new toys. Watch as she removes that obstacle by killing her baby!

Watch Belle get emotionally blackmailed and physically abused by the Beast until she gives in to his demand that she have an abortion.

Mulan is pregnant with her third child — a violation of China’s strict two-child law. Watch as the government forces her to kill her baby! (Kids can take part in a special game during this segment called “Where is Gloria Steinem?”)

Is Prince Charming really the father of Snow White’s baby? It could be Dopey’s, Sneezy’s, or Bashful’s. Snow White isn’t sure! What will she do? Watch her solve her problem by killing her baby and then hopping into bed with Doc!

Watch Pocahontas rain $1,000 down on a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic to have her baby burned alive by saline solution! (Special cameo appearance by Senator Elizabeth Warren)

Cinderella wanted a boy, but she just got the news that her baby is a girl! Watch her have her daughter aborted to make way for a boy!


Watch “The Prince Charmings Parade” See all of your favorite Disney princesses’ romantic interests — Aladdin, The Little Mermaid’s Eric, The Beast, and more — don pink vagina hats and march through the arena shouting their support for women choosing to kill their children! The Prince Charmings put on a dazzling show as they pretend to care about women when they actually just want abortion to remain legal so they can escape responsibility and continue to view and treat women as temporary sex objects! It’s one of the great cons of all time! (Shhhhh…don’t tell the feminists!)

PLUS! Arrive early at the arena and enjoy kid-friendly games in the lobby, like “Toss-the-Mutilated-Baby-into-the-HazMat-Box” and “Pin-the-Body-Part-Back-On-the-Baby”

Teens and adults, we didn’t forget about you. Moms, dads, and teens can play “Be-A-Planned-Parenthood-Executive-for-A-Day” Your mission: open as many abortion clinics as possible in the allotted time. But remember, you must locate 80% of your ‘clinics’ in predominantly African-American neighborhoods, just like the real Planned Parenthood. At the same time you must distract the public and press from finding out that Planned Parenthood has done more for white supremacy than the brain-dead Ku Klux Klan could have ever hoped to!

Enjoy an outdoor concert in the arena parking lot by the legendary group The False Gods featuring Molech and Baal ! Watch and listen as they perform their monster hits “Child Sacrifice” and “There’s Nothing New Under the Sun.”

Disney’s Abortions On Ice is sponsored by Congressional Republicans and Democrats through their taxpayer-funded gift of $500million to Planned Parenthood.

RESTRICTIONS: This is a Planned Parenthood event. Therefore, children with Down Syndrome are NOT welcome. Event organizers cannot be held responsible for the safety of any children with Down Syndrome in the presence of Planned Parenthood personnel


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