Book Review: No Hero

Great read.
The author was a member of the SEAL team that took out Bin Laden. His first book (No Easy Day) is an eyewitness retelling of that mission.

In this book, he tells of his other experiences as a SEAL, starting from his desire and drive to be one when he was in high school all the way to his retirement after 14 years of service. He takes you with him onto the rooftops of Baghdad and over the mud walls of compounds in Afghanistan.

The writing is plain and straightforward — you’re not getting Shakespeare, here — and it has all the ‘colorful’ language one would expect of a SEAL who has seen and been through more than one can imagine.

If after reading this you do not feel compelled to at least once drop to your knees and thank God for people like the author, I don’t think you’re entitled to the freedoms they protect for you.


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