Good Night, Mr. Warmth

What may shock people is that Don Rickles was actually one of the nicest, classiest people I’ve met. His sarcastic nickname, “Mr. Warmth,” was really very appropriate for him as a private person.

This photo was taken 20 years and 400 pounds ago. I met him in my role as Director of Marketing and Entertainment for Caesars Pocono Resorts. His first words to me were, “Who the hell are you? Are you someone important?” We laughed, then talked about Johnny Carson, CPO Sharkey and life in general.


Book Review: Get This Book

A quick read that would be even quicker if you didn’t have to stop so often to laugh out loud.

This book is a collection of great stories told against the backdrop of his rise in the entertainment industry — from doing shows in questionable clubs at 4am to headlining in Vegas and roles in Hollywood films. It also reveals the warm and truly sensitive person he was offstage.

Perhaps the best thing about this book is the way it is written. It is a conversation. It is told as if Don Rickles is sitting across the table from you in the back corner of a Vegas lounge with a vodka-based cocktail regaling you with stories about his experiences and some of entertainment’s biggest names — Sinatra, Martin, Carson, etc.

Complete the experience with a cocktail and some Rat Pack music playing in the background while you devour the book.