We Need To Do Better

I was just in McDonald’s in Mountaintop (I will entertain no lectures or judgements from food/diet nazis).

As I was finishing, a couple sat down at the table across the aisle from me. The man was complaining about a lack of ice in the drink fountain. His mini diatribe was replete with obscenities, including the f-bomb, as well as threats to go to the franchise owner with his complaints and his right to as much ice as he wants. He was unsatisfied with the response that the crew hadn’t had time to check the ice levels.

What he didn’t see was that ten minutes earlier the lines were nearly out the door because a couple truckloads of highway construction workers came in for lunch. The crew did their very best to get the orders processed and move the lines. We all had to wait a bit longer than we normally would have, but the crew did an admirable job while not one of them demonstrated any frustration.

What bothered me most about the guy’s insensitivity was the realization that there was a time in my life when I was that guy. The shame of that struck me today.

In our daily interactions, we really don’t know what the other person has gone through or dealt with up until that moment we meet that person. Always start with patience, understanding, and humility.

(To my wife: this does not apply to people driving in the passing lane and not passing anyone. They are simply evil.)


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