About That Locker Room Talk…

I’m certainly not going to defend the indefensible. What Trump said goes way beyond the undisciplined from-the-hip comments of an unpolished candidate. But if everyone on the left can put their copies of ’50 Shades of Grey’ down for a moment and dial back your questionable outrage, that would be great.

You don’t like what Trump said? I have some bad news for you. You created Trump. You created the atmosphere that feeds such behavior and makes it acceptable by your failure to hold Bill Clinton accountable.

Clinton, a known serial abuser of women, not only got a pass from the left — including NOW — he was vociferously defended by the very people who are feigning outrage today over Trump’s comments. When conservatives (and even Democrats during the 1992 primaries) pointed to his behavior (note: it was BEHAVIOR not just words) they were called meddling puritans and were told it didn’t matter. It was his private life and it’s none of our business.

When he was caught continuing his ways while serving as president, you defended him, again telling his detractors that it was his private life and it didn’t matter. When the character of his wife was questioned for her role, we were told that their marriage was their business and to stay out of it.

And whither Mr. Clinton’s Lady MacBeth these last 25 years of Bill’s misogyny and abuse? Surely, Hillary was in the best position make things right; to send a message that women will not be treated as sex objects; that victims of rape and sexual assault would be heard and not live in fear of retribution or humiliation. That’s not the message Hillary sent, though. Hillary’s silence, as well as her active destruction of the reputations of all of her husband’s accusers — calling them nothing less than ‘bimbos,’ ‘sluts,’ and ‘lunatics’ — sent a very different message. Hillary’s message was to maintain power at all costs. Her message to young women is never let anything or anyone get in the way of your pursuit of money and power.

By defending Bill Clinton, you codified his behavior and Trump’s words into the laws of acceptable behavior for all candidates and public servants. If you weren’t going to hold a president of the United States accountable, then no one would be held accountable. Trump was simply following your lead.

I don’t talk like Trump and never have, nor have I ever acted like Bill Clinton. Even in my 20’s, I wasn’t nearly as bad as these two. I never understood either behavior. Today, even more so, I certainly don’t want anyone talking about my daughters, wife, sister, mom, or female friends the way these two do.

Now, if you don’t want to vote for Trump, that’s fine. I get it. But pretending that you’re offended by Trump’s words after years of defending Bill Clinton is transparent, hypocritical, and borderline comical. You traded your credibility on this issue for power and pride. Actions have consequences, even those from two decades ago.

Now, when everybody is ready to fire up some brain cells and actually discuss issues and policy, which elections are supposed to be about, I’ll be here and waiting.


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